Schott Music has recently published four of Zoë’s cello works (see below) and two choral works: “In the Meanwhile” for 6 female voices, and “Karakia” for choir (SATB).

Her Sound Investor commission for Birmingham Contemporary Music Group was premiered last year, recorded live for BBC Radio 3 with second BCMG performance as part of the Sound Investor 25th anniversary winter concert with Thomas Adés;  her open score commission for flexible ensemble with keyboard “Slap On” for CoMA has had multiple performances since its inaugural show last summer.

CoMA Bristol performance on SoundCloud

The Primrose Piano Quartet has given her Variation Z multiple performances and recorded it for Meridian label.

Cello pieces:

Zoe Martlew - Salat Babilya
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Salat Babilya was inspired by music from Iraq, in particular the beautiful sonorities of the oud, a variety of Middle Eastern lute dating back to antiquity. An oud-like resonance is evoked without the use of a bow via a combination of “arabic” scales, open strings, ringing harmonics and ornamental inflections.

The particular oud piece that inspired this one was written to help lull the children of Bagdad to sleep during bombing raids and bears the same title, which translates from the Arabic as “Babylonian Prayer.”

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Stir, for solo cello without bow, takes it title from the sound made while slowly making circles on the body of the cello with the fingertips, and to the mixing of non-bowed percussive and melodic elements in the piece using a wide range of extended techniques, the performer’s pitched voice thus taking on a more traditionally cello-like role.

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Shift, Trip for amplified cello and sound track is a virtuosic 7minute fast, furious and relentless moto perpetuo with driving funk sound track. It has been choreographed by Antonia Franceschi for Ballet Black, first performed at the Linbury Studio, Royal Opera House 2009, and since had many performances both with dancers, as a concert piece and as part of Zoë’s cabaret show “Revue Z”.

 Berceuse  is a lyrical encore piece in the romantic cello tradition, with simple piano part.


Schott published pieces are available here at Schott’s online store.